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One commerce platform for B2C and B2B. For startups and enterprises. For trailblazers.
Visual Requirements

Get started, go further and stay ahead!

We listen to you and help you finding solutions that meet your requirements

The Internet is full of opportunity. Customer expectations are high and e-commerce success requires a high level of dedication and innovation. Your customer wants to be inspired at any time. So it requires a strategic solution, scalable infrastructure and Magento to leverage your business model for continual growth. As a partner who understands the technical, business, and customer dynamics of e-commerce, we help you navigate through the challenges of the digital transformation process.

  • Start with the basics
  • Get the stakeholders on board
  • Plan your commerce strategy
  • Specify design and feature requirements
Visual Development

Create an intuitive and easy to use shopping experience!

An user interface designed for all the ways your customers want to engage

Magento offers great opportunities for merchants to deliver engaging and unique user experiences.

  • Know who your customers are and what they expect
  • Get your customer journey straight
  • Provide the relevant content across all devices and localizations
  • Build a polished and intuitive user experience that drives conversion and customer loyalty

Every business is different. Every Magento store can be, too!

We tailor the platform to fit your specific business needs

The world’s biggest brands love Magento for its flexibility, because today’s consumers and their buying patterns are changing by the minute. Only Magento - open source and agile - can help you adapt and thrive. Today’s bleeding edge innovation will be tomorrow’s table stakes. Magento gives you the flexibility to customize and extend your platform to create unique, differentiated branded experiences. Adapt fast, and stay ahead of changing customer buying patterns. Our trained and certified experts help you get to market fast, create amazing customer experiences, and sell more.

  • Add characteristic features to your online store
  • Gain incredible page speed by optimizing processes
  • Adjust the Magento theme to your brand's identity
  • Integrate custom payment and shipping solutions
Visual System Integration

Make your existing systems work together even better by integrating Magento!

We help you integrate Magento into your system landscape

Wherever you are in the process of incorporating Magento into your business and processes, we have tools and resources to help you get set up.

  • Sync product data with product information management (PIM) systems
  • Export orders to order management systems (OMS) and import updates, such as shipments, invoices or credit memos
  • Integrate in customer relationship management systems (CRM) to create a personalized shopping experience
  • Provide product feeds for marketplaces or price search sites, like Google Shopping
Visual Support

Get expert help and advice for your Magento platform!

We are here to help when you need it

While you run your business, we keep your store running at optimal efficiency and maximize your Magento investment. We are here to help you diagnose and resolve functional or visual issues of the application. Our support staff is dedicated to ensuring that every support issue is resolved to your satisfaction.

  • One point of contact for technical support
  • Choose between different service levels - up to 24/7
  • Monitor the platform and processes
  • Rely on short response times - and get help when you need it
  • Responsive Design

    one theme for all devices and screen widths

    Deliver a fully responsive site and ensure a unique shopping experience across all devices that your customers will love.

  • FAST Time-to-market

    make your ideas a reality in no time

    With a fast time-to-market Magento 2 B2B offers your customers both a great shopping and user experience that they know well from the B2C area.

  • 100% Flexibility

    build flexibility into your business - like you never did before

    Combine enterprise performance and scale, and powerful business tools to stay ahead of increasingly complex commerce operations.

  • Awesome commerce features

    all features you can think of - out of the box

    Stay ahead of growing customer demands by leveraging Magento's rich out-of-the-box functionality to boost sales, business agility and performance.

  • Best Value

    make your ideas a reality in no time

    Take advantage of the unrivaled value and ROI of the Magento platform deriving from reasonable license pricing and continuous innovation.

  • Magento University

    know your way around in no time

    Whether you are a designer, developer oder marketer: Magento offers an amazing variety of roled based curriculum tracks that exactly fit your skill level.

  • Huge Developer Community

    the biggest network of innovation in commerce

    A global ecosystem of 205.000 innovators is continuously shaping this commerce platform for an even more successful tomorrow.

  • Magento Marketplace

    high-quality extensions expanding your store’s core functionality

    Extend your store's features any way you want with the world's largest and most versatile offering of customized and tested extensions.

One Magento Platform. One Service provider.
Lean back and relax. We are providing all services to run your business on the Magento Digital Commerce platform.
  1. Emarsys Integration
    Emarsys Integration
    • Sync subscribers
    • Product export
    • Cart & order export
    • User tracking
    • Easy to setup & manage
  2. Magento Cluster Hosting
    Magento Cluster Hosting
    • High Performance Cluster
    • Load Balancing
    • DDoS Protection
    • 24/7 Monitoring
    • Server location: Frankfurt DE