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Terms and Conditions

The collaboration with customers is regulated i. a. through the terms and conditions of PHOENIX MEDIA. In order to facilitate the overview, the following list shows which specific areas are regulated through terms and conditions. We assume that digitally providing these terms and conditions is sufficient for your information. If needed these documents can be send to you by post.


PHOENIX MEDIA is pleased about your visit and your interest for the company as well as for our products and services.

PHOENIX MEDIA takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. Therefore, applicable legislation for protecting personal data and data security are applied correspondingly. Hereinafter, you receive the information for which websites the privacy policy takes effect, which data is raised, processed and used and which rights to information each individual has.

Site Policy

The utilization of the offered websites is regulated by PHOENIX MEDIA through the site policy.

Through using these websites you accept the legitimacy of the following site policy.

Effective January 2013