DeutschlandCard / Boost

Relaunch of the new rewards shop of the multi-partner bonus program DeutschlandCard.

Since 2008, DeutschlandCard GmbH has been running a multi-partner bonus program with more than 20 million participants. While shopping in brick-and-mortar stores of qualified DeutschlandCard partners such as EDEKA, Esso, Netto Marken-Discount and Hammer they can collect reward points. These accumulated points can be redeemed for rewards, donated to non-profit organizations or set off against purchases made at the checkout in stores of participating partners.

Boost, based in Zug/Steinhausen, develops and supports successful bonus and customer loyalty programs for numerous European blue chip customers from the retail, finance, FMCG and insurance sector. From strategy to conception and operative implementation, Boost is the ideal partner for short, medium and long-term loyalty programs.

Customer Request

The Swiss company Boost, which is responsible for the DeutschlandCard rewards shop, has chosen PHOENIX MEDIA as Magento Enterprise Solution Partner to create a new rewards shop based on Magento Commerce.

What makes Magento Commerce standing out against other commerce solutions is among others that rich key features such as Page Builder as a content management tool, Elastic Search as search technology, promotions, content staging and, in particular, a reward points system are delivered out-of-the-box. That’s why individual adjustments as well as customer requests could be successfully completed both with manageable effort and within a short timeline.

Reference Result

With more than 20 million participants, DeutschlandCard registers an extremely high amount of loyalty program members. Depending on the score or the individual interests and needs, participants receive personalized campaigns. When sending push notifications, which are opened by a large number of recipients at the same time, or high-reach whitemails such as mails including scores, extreme user peaks can be expected. To automatically scale the applications and ensure stable operations during traffic peaks, PHOENIX MEDIA uses Kubernetes to deploy Magento Commerce in a cloud native environment.

While browsing through the brand-new rewards shop, which is integrated into both the DeutschlandCard portal and the DeutschlandCard app, participants can enjoy an engaging shopping experience across all channels. Participants are now able to find the right rewards not only in the shop itself but also by using the portal’s searching function and can order them directly through the rewards shop afterwards. Thanks to a technically mature single sign-on solution, participants stay logged in even when switching between systems and can seamlessly browse, order and take part in promotions without any interruptions. Due to a separate web view, which is used for the integration into the DeutschlandCard app, the participant easily can access all functions of the rewards shop – also from the app.

Thanks to agile development processes (Scrum), which are used at PHOENIX MEDIA, as well as an intensive and efficient cooperation with Boost and DeutschlandCard, the project has been launched successfully and in time on March 2nd.

Project Summary
More Information
Client DeutschlandCard GmbH / Boost Group AG
Happy since 2019
Supervised by PHOENIX MEDIA GmbH
Status ongoing
Shop system Magento 2 Commerce
Our services E-Commerce, Mobile, Hosting, Magento modules, Integration, Design
Focus areas Multichannel Integration, Mobile, Omnichannel, Loyalty Program