VACUUBRAND is a renowned manufacturer of vacuum technology and equipment.

Takeover of an existing web shop based on Magento Open Source with subsequent update to the current Magento version and implementation of stabilization and performance optimization measures. As a manufacturer, VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG offers a wide range of laboratory products, including pipettes, bottles, laboratory equipment and consumables. In laboratories around the world, the quality products support scientists in their important research work.

VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG is a renowned manufacturer of vacuum technology and equipment used in a variety of applications. The company is also headquartered in Germany and is internationally known for its innovative vacuum pumps, measuring devices and systems. The VACUUBRAND products are used in laboratories, the chemical industry, food processing and many other areas. The company has earned a reputation for its precise engineering, reliability and commitment to sustainable solutions. With vacuum technology from VACUUBRAND, customers can optimize processes and make them more efficient.

Customer Request

PHOENIX MEDIA was entrusted with the challenging task of taking over three existing Adobe Commerce based online shops. This acquisition should also integrate the previous standard hosting into the PHOENIX MEDIA Kubernetes hosting infrastructure. A particular challenge in this project was to carry out a Magento 2.4.6 update on a previously unknown code base from another agency. The aim was to optimize the existing code and ensure the maintainability of the platform. Another key focus was replacing the legacy search functionality with Elastic Search, while maintaining existing search results. In addition, scalability to new countries and increasing performance in all shops was a top priority.

The BRAND GROUP made the conscious decision to commission PHOENIX MEDIA with this project. This was based on the company's extensive expertise in e-commerce and its outstanding position as an Adobe Gold Partner. This recognition underlines PHOENIX MEDIA's many years of experience in this area and strengthens its trustworthiness as a reliable partner for the implementation of this demanding project.

Reference Result

The project in which PHOENIX MEDIA took over three existing Adobe Commerce based online shops was extremely successful. After completing the project, we can look back on the following positive results:

Seamless integration and hosting optimization:
The three shops were smoothly integrated into the PHOENIX MEDIA Kubernetes hosting environment, ensuring improved performance and scalability. The standard hosting has been efficiently adopted.

Successful Magento 2.4.6 update:
Despite the challenges of the unknown code base of another agency, PHOENIX MEDIA successfully completed the Magento 2.4.6 update. The existing code was optimized, resulting in increased maintainability of the platform.

Improved search functionality with Elastic Search:
Elastic Search's search functionality update went smoothly while maintaining existing search results. This resulted in a significant improvement in the user experience.

Scalability and performance:
By implementing PHOENIX MEDIA, the BRAND GROUP's online shops were placed on a scalable basis. The performance of all stores has been significantly improved, resulting in an overall smoother user experience.

Trustworthy partnership:
BRAND GROUP's decision to commission PHOENIX MEDIA with this project was based on their outstanding expertise and many years of experience in the field of e-commerce. This partnership proved to be extremely successful and future-oriented.

Overall, the collaboration with PHOENIX MEDIA has significantly increased the technical performance and competitiveness of the BRAND GROUP's online shops. The positive development will not only promote business success, but also sustainably improve customer satisfaction.

Project Summary
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Happy since 2023
Supervised by PHOENIX MEDIA GmbH
Status ongoing
Shop system Magento 2 Community Edition
Our services E-Commerce, Mobile, Hosting, Magento modules, Performance, Varnish Cache, Integration, Security
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