WAGNER is the world market leader for innovative coating technology for perfect surfaces.

WAGNER is the world market leader for innovative coating technology for perfect surfaces. Industry, trade and do-it-yourself customers worldwide benefit equally from comprehensive expertise, useful innovations and many years of experience as one of the world's leading manufacturers of coating technology for refining surfaces with powder and wet paints, paints and other liquid materials.

For industrial applications, WAGNER offers innovative systems for coating with wet and powder paints as well as sealants and adhesives. Craftsmen use the reliable and economical devices with various technologies such as airless to apply paint, varnish and plaster. For do-it-yourselfers, WAGNER has developed a whole range of user-friendly products for renovation. With innovations and highly efficient, reliable and user-friendly solutions of the best quality, WAGNER continues to set standards in surface technology - and thus makes the advantages of the latest technology available to its customers.

WAGNER's product portfolio is divided into two divisions to meet the specific requirements of its customers. The Decorative Finishing Division develops equipment specifically tailored to the requirements of craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers; The Industrial Solutions division produces products and systems for industrial surface coating for a variety of industrial sectors.

Customer Request

The requirements for the new online shop were diverse:

  • Merging the various e-commerce platforms in one Magento Open Source instance in order to reduce the operating costs of the various web shops, leverage synergy effects and make further development more efficient;
  • Adaptation of product catalogs to the needs of the customer target group;
  • Maintaining search engine visibility and SEO rankings;
  • Continuation of ongoing Google AdWords campaigns;
  • Optimization of performance and stability of the Magento platform;
  • Flexible scaling of the Magento platform to easily handle high demand.

WAGNER chose PHOENIX MEDIA GmbH to realize this demanding project. The deciding factor for this decision was PHOENIX MEDIA's many years of experience in the e-commerce sector and the proven success in similar projects. This partnership promised a smooth and successful implementation of this important and complex realignment project - and it kept that promise.

The PHOENIX MEDIA team was happy to accompany WAGNER on this new path and is looking forward to continuing this successful collaboration as the platform continues to expand!

Reference Result

After completing the Magento Open Source project, WAGNER will be available as a central e-commerce platform for all relevant markets. Seamless integration of various shop instances and customization of product catalogs created a consistent and customer-friendly user experience. Taking into account ongoing Google AdWords campaigns and maintaining existing search engine visibility, SEO ranking and customer engagement were kept at a stable level. The platform has also been optimized for high scalability and performance to optimally support future growth. The successful implementation of this project enables WAGNER to present its innovative products to a broader customer target group around the world.

Project Summary
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Client J. Wagner GmbH
Happy since 2023
Supervised by PHOENIX MEDIA GmbH
Status ongoing
Shop system Magento Open Source
Our services E-Commerce, Mobile, Hosting, Magento modules, Performance, Integration, Analytics, Security
Focus areas Multichannel Integration, Mobile, B2B, Multisite, Performance, Cloud, Hyvä