Order and structure for product data: David supports merchants in the area of PIM

Order and structure for product data: David supports merchants in the area of PIM
Nina Stocklöw
August 1, 2023
Order and structure for product data: David supports merchants in the area of PIM

Since April, David supports the PHOENIX MEDIA team in Stuttgart with his extensive expertise in all aspects of PIM, which is a central topic in e-commerce. In the following article, he chats about PIM, and shares exciting information on his person and daily business.

Interview with David Romero Capilla

Please introduce yourself and tell me why you decided to become a PIM consultant?

I'm David, 31 years old and I live in Deufringen, a district of Aidlingen in the Böblingen district. After my training as a state-certified computer scientist, I came into contact with PIM systems more or less by accident. Even during my training, I noticed that I really enjoy working with people and that a job in consulting could be a good fit. Since my specialty was media informatics, I first looked for advice in the areas of InDesign and Photoshop and then found what I was looking for at a PIM provider that had interfaces to the Adobe programs. That was the beginning of my work with PIM systems.

What are the tasks of a PIM consultant? 

A PIM consultant helps companies bringing order and structure to their data. It is only once you have worked actively in the industry that you can see what requirements each company places on its products. Without a PIM system, problems with data quality and data quantity often accumulate. And this is exactly where the consultant comes into play and helps to get the data chaos under control.

What fascinates you about the IT world?

The rapid change that IT is going through. It is an industry that is rapidly evolving and constantly presenting new innovations. Many companies would not be what they are today with the right IT solutions.

How did you become a PIM Consultant?

As part of my first job, I was hired as a project manager and consultant for a PIM system. It was here that I was able to gain my first experience in this area.

How did you find out about PHOENIX MEDIA?

During my more than 7 years as a PIM consultant, I have experienced some customer requirements that we were not able to implement at the time. When it came to cloud solutions or browser applications, we were initially unable to offer any solutions at all. XING finally drew my attention to PHOENIX MEDIA, which has a lot of experience in exactly this area. Since the PIM consultant position in the company has not yet been filled, I am looking forward to this new challenge.

Can you tell me something about your daily work? What do you do and to what extent does it help PHOENIX MEDIA?

I am a PIM consultant and can help customers within their projects to import their data into Akeneo PIM and export them to and from the appropriate channels. From now on, Akeneo will also be made available to customers by PHOENIX MEDIA. Since every customer project presents different challenges, every day is completely new and it never gets boring. Each customer also has special requirements that need to be met. As soon as the data is at a suitable level, it can be transferred directly to Magento via a connector.

Which projects are you currently in charge of?

I am currently checking the data from two new projects (more on this will certainly be announced soon), as we will merge the shops here, and I am accompanying our customers in their new PIM and Magento project.

What do you particularly like about PHOENIX MEDIA?

The know-how in relation to current technologies and solutions, the very nice and diverse team, the pleasant working atmosphere, the freedom with regards to mobile work and the interesting customer projects.

What do you love most about your job? 

Working together with customers on solutions to their challenges and seeing how much a PIM system can help. The added value compared to the old way of working is enormous.

What qualities do you think you should have as a PIM consultant? What is essential for the job and why?

In my opinion, the most important things here are analytical and structured thinking and patience, as well as the willingness to teach people something new.

How do your spend your leisure time? 

I go to the gym a lot and do weight training, I really enjoy cooking and spend the rest of my time playing board games and hanging out with friends.

Your favorite place in the office? What do you like best in the office?

 Wherever there is a window, because of the amazing view. :)

Your favorite place in Stuttgart? Why?

Since I'm not a city person, I feel more comfortable outside of cities. My favorite place would probably be by the sea, most likely in Valencia. Being outside and enjoying the sun!

Thank you very much, dear David, for the very exciting and interesting interview. We are pleased that you are supporting our team in Stuttgart and wish you lots of fun and success during your daily work.

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