Solution-oriented and enthusiastic about innovation: How Henri optimizes development and deployment processes as a DevOps Engineer

Solution-oriented and enthusiastic about innovation: How Henri optimizes development and deployment processes as a DevOps Engineer
Nina Stocklöw
September 1, 2022
Solution-oriented and enthusiastic about innovation: How Henri optimizes development and deployment processes as a DevOps Engineer

Henri is originally from Albania and has been living in Vienna for 5 years. He has been part of our Austrian team since July and does everything he can to continuously optimize our development and deployment processes. Besides that, he is the face of our own YouTube tutorial series. How you can imagine his daily work, what excites him the most and much more he told us in the following interview.

Interview with Henri Beqi

Please introduce yourself and tell me why you decided to become a DevOps Engineer?

My name is Henri and I have been living in Vienna for almost 5 years. I am originally from beautiful Albania and moved to Vienna to study. Network technologies, IT infrastructures and especially the automation possibilities made possible by the IT world have always been highly interesting to me. These interests coupled with the variety that a DevOps position offers was the perfect mix for me.

What is a DevOps Engineer actually?

A DevOps Engineer can be thought of as someone who is solution-oriented and passionate about innovation. DevOps Engineers are constantly finding new ways to make the development and deployment process more comfortable for everyone. A DevOps Engineer effectively acts as an interface between the developers, the IT infrastructure, and management.

How did you find out about PHOENIX MEDIA Austria?

PHOENIX MEDIA was looking for a new DevOps Engineer at the time. The advertised job profile matched my interests, which is why I decided to go for an interview. Everything went great in the interview. I found the vision Björn showed as well as his motivation and innovative spirit very impressive. That's why I decided to become a part of the PHOENIX MEDIA team.

What exactly is your position here at PHOENIX MEDIA Austria? Can you tell me something about your daily work? What do you do and to what extent does that help the agency?

I am working as a DevOps Engineer/SysAdmin. So far, I have focused on extending and customizing CI (Continious Integration) tasks. This is to help developers having a more comfortable development process. On the other hand, I assist with the numerous IT infrastructure topics or even record video tutorials once in a while. The diverse tasks ensure that my workday is never monotonous or boring.

Which projects are you currently in charge of?

I do a bit of work on most (if not all) projects, as I take care of the CI pipelines there.

What do you particularly like about PHOENIX MEDIA Austria?

I think the opportunity to work remotely is very cool. I also really like the communication and cooperation within the team, as well as the helpfulness of my colleagues.

What do you love most about your job? What do you enjoy the most?

I particularly love the fact that I have the opportunity to work hands-on on many state-of-the-art technologies and that I can use these technologies to simplify or completely automate various processes for my colleagues. Above all, I enjoy learning-by-doing.

How do you spend your leisure time?

In my free time I like to do sports such as soccer, volleyball, swimming and lately scuba diving. I also love to travel and get to know new people and cultures.

Your favorite place in the office? What do you like most?

My favorite place in the office is the meeting room. We often enjoy our lunch there and it's also where we film our tutorials. I particularly like the fact that our office is so centrally located and that it's a stylish old building that reflects the charm of Vienna.

Your favorite place in Vienna? Why?

One of my favorite places in Vienna is the Danube Canal. I find it very calming to walk along the Danube and it's also a popular meeting place for my group of friends when we want to enjoy a refreshing drink.

Thank you very much, dear Henri, for the very exciting and interesting interview. We are pleased that you are supporting our team in Vienna and wish you lots of fun and success during your daily work.

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