Marketing is so exciting! I love the continual change in this business, it never gets boring!

Marketing is so exciting! I love the continual change in this business, it never gets boring!
Debora Göhring
January 15, 2024
Marketing is so exciting! I love the continual change in this business, it never gets boring!

Interview mit Christina Nazary


At the start of the new year, Christina is joining us in the marketing department. She not only supports our sales team in customer acquisition, but also takes care of the agency's appearance and the organization of different events. She tells us a little about what her daily business will look like and also gives us a few insights into her private life.


Say a few words about yourself

My name is Christina and I live with my husband and dog in Herrenberg, right next to the 'Schönbuchwald' forest. However, I was born and grew up near Gera, which is in beautiful Thuringia. 
Away from my career, I am adventurous and love discovering the world, but I also enjoy the peace and quiet at home playing Sims on the sofa. I'm not very good at cooking (luckily my husband takes care of that), but I love to eat. To keep my dog in particular fit, I do a bit of dog sports with him.

What do you love about the job of Marketing Manager?

I love the continuous change in this business, it never gets boring! I can live out my creativity, test new things and learn something new almost every day. That's what makes it so lively and exciting.


What tasks do you often come across in your day-to-day work?

Firstly, drafting texts and secondly, I often research new creative marketing ideas that I can implement.  My email inbox is always full to overflowing and something always has to be coordinated, be it the next event, the implementation of social media posts or the processing of customer references.


What do you like best about your job?

So many things! In addition to the company presentation, which I always keep up to date and maintain, corporate goals and strategies are also an important aspect of my work. Working closely with my colleagues from other departments is also part of the job, so that we can implement targeted marketing measures. These are very exciting topics that I simply enjoy and I realize that I can create added value with them.

How would you explain to your grandmother what you do for a living?

I've actually had to do that and I answered this question as follows: Grandma, I make sure that lots of people know about the great things that the company I work for offers, so that we can attract new customers and hire new employees. I come up with strategies to attract people's attention, tell them about the products or services with texts - it all happens digital.


What do you like most about PHOENIX MEDIA?

The team is amazing! I received a warm welcome and had a really relaxed and pleasant start. I really appreciate my new colleagues and feel at home. I also enjoy the fact that I am given so much freedom and can express my creativity.


What do you like most about the Stuttgart office?

The view, including the sunsets and the freezer with the ice cream!


Thank you, dear Christina, for the very exciting and interesting interview. We are delighted that you are joining our team in Stuttgart and wish you continued fun and success in your work here.

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