How retailers create added value in online shops with personalized shopping experiences – and how AI can support

How retailers create added value in online shops with personalized shopping experiences – and how AI can support
Nina Stocklöw
April 22, 2022
How retailers create added value in online shops with personalized shopping experiences – and how AI can support

Personalization is one of the topics that is becoming increasingly important in e-commerce. This became clear once again at this year's Adobe Summit 2022. The following blog post outlines what customers need, what approaches retailers should pursue and how the Adobe product portfolio can support them.

E-commerce continues to grow - and with it the demands on the customer side. Retailers are faced with new challenges, but at the same time they face many opportunities. These include, among other things, increases in sales and profits due to the constant increase in online purchases.

A central aspect has always been an appealing and convincing customer experience. According to the current Adobe Consumer Research Report 2022, a good shopping experience includes a high degree of personalization. Shopping experiences must respond to individual wishes and be tailored to customer needs. The report reveals, among other things, that...

  • ... 64% of respondents want an even more personalized shopping experience - both stationary and online based on their online shopping behavior.
  • ... 60% of customers want to receive targeted offers on their smartphone when they are close to a store. The use of personal data is mainly accepted if a goodie is waiting as a reward in return.
  • ... for 37% of consumers, the shopping experience improves significantly when they only get displayed products of personal interest.

Artificial Intelligence makes the difference: Create added value with Adobe Sensei

In order to be able to tailor offers to the needs of customers and ensure optimal personalization, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is worthwhile as a proven method.

Adobe Sensei, integrated into the Adobe Experience Cloud, provides intelligent functions in all Adobe products and enables retailers to implement an effective personalization strategy. In this way, they can individualize the shopping experience of their customers by automatically suggesting suitable products based on previous shopping behavior. In their "Successfully personalize experiences” playbook, Adobe reveals which key areas they support in terms of personalization measures:

  • Analytics: With the help of Adobe Sensei, retailers can predict the behavior of their customers thanks to numerous integrated data.
  • Interaction: Thanks to Adobe Sensei, customers are encouraged to interact with their products by means of individual offers, subject lines or delivery times.
  • Scale: Adobe Sensei uses real-time intelligence to validate the performance, optimization, and efficient delivery of custom experiences at scale.

New features of Adobe Sensei were recently announced at the Adobe Summit 2022. These include product recommendations, live search results, intelligent budget forecasting and allocation, cross-channel budget optimization, and intelligent content creation and delivery.

AI-controlled product recommendations and live search results are particularly relevant for the Adobe Commerce platform. This allows retailers to leverage AI to suggest relevant products to shoppers based on their purchasing behavior and profile. And both sides benefit from it: retailers can increase conversions, cross- and up-selling and ensure more customer loyalty, while buyers experience a tailor-made user experience and become a loyal customer who enjoys shopping in the respective online shop.

Adobe Commerce Live Search combines real-time catalog data with Adobe Sensei's AI capabilities to deliver fast, relevant, and personalized search results. At this point, the Adobe AI enables retailers to automatically identify search facets for every buyer request. So you do not have to write your own search rules anymore.

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