Discovering the future at the "We Are Developers" Conference in Berlin

Discovering the future at the "We Are Developers" Conference in Berlin
Keivan Karimi
August 4, 2023
Discovering the future at the "We Are Developers" Conference in Berlin

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the two-day "WeAreDevelopers" conference in Berlin on the 27th and 28th of July. The event proved to be an exhilarating experience, providing me with the opportunity to meet new people, explore innovative companies, and delve into cutting-edge technologies.

The conference was buzzing with excitement, and it was evident that this year's focus was on the integration of AI into various products and services. Many companies showcased their offerings, putting a spotlight on their AI capabilities and features. It was fascinating to witness how AI is becoming increasingly pervasive across industries and revolutionizing the way we interact with technology.

A variety of different talks and sessions

Among the diverse range of companies present, several specialized in code review and cleanup services, aiming to optimize the efficiency of software development. Additionally, others were committed to ensuring robust cybersecurity by offering code monitoring solutions, thereby safeguarding digital systems from potential threats.

While I regretted not being able to participate in the workshops, which were fully booked in advance, I was more than compensated by the numerous open speeches delivered by expert speakers from diverse backgrounds in technology, development, and management. The insights and knowledge shared during these speeches were truly enlightening.

One particularly captivating talk I attended was centered around the development of new tools that simplify processes and provide a strong foundation for starting projects. In a live demonstration, the presenter from a prominent company illustrated the process of building a simple to-do app with database connections, authentication, and deployment to the cloud - all completed in just 30 minutes. Witnessing the efficiency of these tools was inspiring and emphasized how technology is continually making tasks more accessible and faster.

Picture 1: Building a full to-do app and deploy to cloud in less than 30 minutes or so

Another highlight was a talk on automated driving cars, presented by a representative from Audi. The speaker shed light on the current status of this revolutionary technology, revealing that assisted driving cars are already gaining popularity due to their low-risk nature. In contrast, fully automated driving cars are still in their nascent stage. Balancing risk factors and ensuring the safety of passengers remain significant challenges.

Picture 2: Audi automated driving cars

The issue of false positive cases emerged as one of the primary obstacles in the development of fully automated driving cars. Nonetheless, it was evident that the industry is dedicated to advancing this technology and exploring solutions to overcome these hurdles.

Picture 3: Samples of false positive cases in automated cars

An exciting aspect of the conference was the involvement of ChatGPT in various talks. For example, I attended a session on how to write an effective prompt, highlighting the power of AI in assisting developers and content creators. It was intriguing to learn that ChatGPT was also utilized in preparing speeches, showcasing its versatility as a valuable tool in the tech world.

Beyond the technical discussions, the conference emphasized the importance of cultivating a positive and well-balanced work environment. Speakers passionately advocated for self-care and the prevention of burnout, acknowledging the significance of maintaining good mental and physical health within the tech industry.

Incredible journey into the world of technology and innovation

In conclusion, the "WeAreDevelopers" conference was an incredible journey into the world of technology and innovation. The event provided a glimpse of the exciting future that lies ahead, with AI leading the charge in transforming industries. From groundbreaking talks on automated driving to the application of ChatGPT in various contexts, the conference showcased the vast potential of technology in shaping our lives.

As I departed the conference, I couldn't help but feel a surge of motivation and inspiration. I am already looking forward to the next "WeAreDevelopers" conference, where I hope to participate in workshops and engage further with the incredible advancements in the tech world. Until then, I'll carry the knowledge and connections gained at the conference, as I continue to be a part of this ever-evolving journey into the future.