From web designer to frontend developer: How Marijan enriches the development team in Vienna

From web designer to frontend developer: How Marijan enriches the development team in Vienna
Nina Stocklöw
January 25, 2023
From web designer to frontend developer: How Marijan enriches the development team in Vienna

Marijan loves the development world – his colleagues see and feel that every day. We talked to the technology lover, who is always in a good mood and has a smile on his face, about his work at PHOENIX MEDIA Austria and his passion for development.
Interview with Marijan Glavas
Please introduce yourself and tell me why you decided to become a developer?

Hi, my name is Marijan Glavas, I am a passionate tech lover currently working and living in Austria with a profound strive to learn and grow. I was originally a web designer and was fascinated by the media and how design is of crucial matter for any product in today’s online world. With time, as my skills expanded, I was leaning more and more into frontend design, focusing on that for the last decade.

What fascinates you about the developing world?

It's always astonishing for me to be among the first ones to see how our business changes and evolves, to see new technologies and solutions arise to make our everyday lives easier and more convenient. From easy payments, orders, online shops to further automatization of everything, from appliances we use, to the cars we drive. I was always a lover of tech gadgets and am glad I get to participate in the e-commerce world with my small contribution.

When did you start programming?

I started getting interested quite early in my life, but mostly during my college days I realized I am pretty interested in this area.

How did you become a Magento developer?

Evolving from a pure designer it kind of happened spontaneously and I was more and more involved in frontend design, specializing in the area as my skills evolved.

How did you find out about PHOENIX MEDIA Austria?

I was working with a great recruiter who was the first to give me some inside information about PHOENIX MEDIA which caught my attention. After that I knew from the project reviews and references, I heard in my business circles that this is a great company I would love to be a part of.

What exactly is your position here at PHOENIX MEDIA Austria? Can you tell me something about your daily work? What do you do and to what extent does that help the agency?

I work as a frontend developer and my daily work consists of solving frontend tasks such as developing Magento modules, coding of templates, troubleshooting of interface issues, testing of the product and webpages, meeting with the design team and other colleagues working on the same project. I really enjoy what I do so far, hoping my contribution helps PHOENIX MEDIA to grow more from each successful project that is launched.

Which projects are you currently in charge of?

Currently I am working on the project for Lampenwelt and before that I was working on the project for Kika and Leiner.

What do you particularly like about PHOENIX MEDIA Austria?

What I like the most is the people culture. My colleagues are all extremely nice people and true experts in their own field of knowledge. Our work atmosphere is great, and we are here to help each other and provide support if needed. This is what I find essential in any type of success.

What do you love most about your job? What do you enjoy the most? 

I enjoy learning new things, growing my knowledge, being challenged by the work environment and motivated by my colleagues.

What qualities do you think you should have as a developer? What is essential for the job and why?

First of all, I believe you need to like what you do, then anything is achievable, and any skill can be learned. Being precise, structured in work, persistent and goal oriented are definitely of help.

Why should customers choose Magento as their shop platform? Why do you think Magento is the right choice?

Magento is a reliable, sustainable, safe and customizable platform with years of evolvement behind. I believe it's the best choice for any e-commerce business.

How do you spend your leisure time?

Most of my free time is spent with my family and friends. I like being outdoors, doing short trips in nature, filling my batteries while travelling and simply enjoying every day I get.
Thank you very much, dear Marijan, for the very exciting and interesting interview. We are pleased that you are supporting our team in Vienna and wish you lots of fun and success during your daily work.

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